Welcome to Pleasant Ridge Camp and Retreat Center

Our mission at Pleasant Ridge Camp and Retreat Center is to provide a place where people are welcomed to be themselves in an environment that promotes self-awareness and seeks to encourage growth and understanding of the communities they live in.  We invite you to bring your group, family and or coworkers to come explore this beautiful place!

Looking for a retreat center to host your group?  Wanting to do some teambuilding or traditional camp activities like archery or fishing with your group?  Look no further!  Pleasant Ridge Camp and Retreat Center staff will be happy to help you plan a meaningful and fun retreat for your group.

Contact us for a tour or to schedule your event today!  Call 864-660-1065 or email klausch@greenvillecounty.org


halloween ridge cat
Upcoming Event: Join us Friday, October 30th for the Halloween Ridge Cat. Its not your typical Alley Cat!  Rider fee is $10 and begins at 6 pm. To register click here.

Interest in volunteering at a Ridge Cat Stop?  Please email amurray@greenvillecounty.org or call 864-676-2180 ext. 2202






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