Challenge Course & Teambuilding

The Know Boundaries Challenge Course is an amazing combination of ropes, logs, cable, platforms, and games offering mental and physical challenges to people of all ages and abilities.  Our course consist of a high ropes and adventure area, and a low ropes area.  The center piece of our High Ropes and Adventure course is Spiro's Tree House partnered with 300' zip lines.  Our 55' Alpine Tower offers individual as well as group challenges both at lower levels and aloft.  Attached to the Alpine Tower is the Partnered Giant Swing.  This is an exhilarating ride that embodies the "Challenge by Choice" concept as you and your partner are hauled by the members of your group to the height of your choice.  Once you reach your desired height, you release yourself to swing away for the thrill of the day.  The Low Ropes and Group Initiative area features the Team Development Course which is a combination of initiative that will challenge all groups mentally and physically.  The Team Development Course is a must for groups looking to build a tighter bond and greater understanding of one another.  Our amazing staff will facilitate your group as they work through the challenges of the course.

Know Boundaries Challenge Course

Small Group Team Building: $180 Up to 3 Hour Session  Maximum Group Size:  20   20131017_121731Large Group Team Building: $380 Up to 4 Hour Session Minimum Group Size:  40     Team Development Course: $250 Up to 4 Hour Session  Maximum Group Size:  12   . Giant Swing: $200 Up to 2 Hour Session Maximum Group Size:  12 Minimum Age:  8yrs Alpine Climbin Tower: $280 Up to 2 Hour Session  Maximum Group Size:  12 Minimum Age:  8yrs Zipline:  $350 Up to 2 Hour Session  Maximum Group Size:  12 Minimum Age:  8yrs High Ropes and Zipline: $475 Up to 4 Hour Session  Maximum Group Size:  12 Minimum Age:  8yrs Call 864-660-1065 for more information about programs offered at the Pleasant Ridge Camp & Retreat Center.